As a long-time student and collector of umbrellas, Seattle’s Jodell Egbert’s vintage collections were the nucleus around which she began Bella Umbrella. Her venture is now the largest source of vintage and vintage styled umbrellas in the world.

The Umbrella Opens
As a soon to be bride and floral designer, Jodell wanted to do something distinctive instead of renting a traditional white tent for her outdoor wedding ceremony. She procured 75 vintage umbrellas for her guests in the event there were showers on her wedding day. Each guest would be offered a beautiful umbrella from the 1920′ s-1940. Later the umbrellas would create a brilliant backdrop to the happy day. It was the beginning of a beautiful marriage in more ways than one.

Continuing to collect umbrellas, Jodell launched the Bella Umbrella website in 2001. Her personal collection of 100 vintage umbrellas was now available for rent to brides all over the world. Since then Jodell has designed and developed two unique umbrella collections; Vintage Bella and Signature Bella as well as inventing and patenting the Bixi; an adaptor that quickly converts a Signature Bella umbrella handle into a stunning bouquet holder.